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Forum: Employment

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Titel: Re:Welcome to Employment
Date: 13 April 200 Time:36:36 PM
Posted by:   Jenny(
Message: Do you still say the same thing now?!


BTW, can anyone please / does anyone want to help me fight illegal online pharmacies?

A short while ago, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) ruled that online pharmacies that provide so called "online doctor consultations / prescriptions" were illegal. I did not know, and ordered some medications from I now know why they are illegal (the owner I believe is an Iraqi Bath Party fund raiser, and they took my money only to fail to ship my medications, they said the physician declined me, and then it took a whole week to get my money back, they say it takes my bank that long to show refunds - I do not believe them!).

Anyway, they sell all manner of drugs which I believe they should not, for example (check this out) Diet Pills - I mean, what happens if a 12 year old girl with some desire to become a waif model and using her mom's credit card orders these pills? Because the doctor does not see the patient, I am sure it happens. What amazes me further that many of the slimming pills they sell are controlled drugs! For example, Phentermine AKA Adipex and Ionamin. Also other classified appetite suppressants such as Meridia, Bontril and Tenuate! But the worst of these obesity medications is Didrex, which I understand is a class 4 drug!!!! OK, one of their weight loss pills Xenical is a fat blocker, not an appetite suppressant. But just imagine it getting into the hands of someone with anorexic tendencies!

But they do not just sell diet pills, oh no! They also sell things like Viagra male impotence pills from Pfizer. I saw a report the other day linking Viagra to making men unable to have babies (or contribute to having babies). So I think a real doctor with the patient in front of them needs to prescribe such drugs, and only a real doctor! I mean, I heard that drugs like Zyban smoking cessation tablets and Propecia male pattern baldness pills have several nasty side effects. And Ultram pain relief capsules can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. Also, what women in her right mind would want to order Ortho Tri-Cyclen Birth Control Pills from a medical web site?!

Even the skin creams they sell maybe harmful. I mean, you know how much pressure on teenagers there are these days. How many of them would love to get their hands on some Retin-A acne remover, Vaniqa facial hair remover and / or Renova skin wrinkle remover?

Do you see what I mean, it is wrong yes? Pease help me stop this illegal RX meds site and file a complaint against them with the DEA!

Re:Welcome to Employment (7/27/2004 by Chris)